Who we are
and what we do

Forward Football Agency

Founded in Finland, Forward Football Agency is a company specialized in the consulting of international football operations.

We help Finnish teams and players, regardless of their age, to find their path onto international fields in a way that best suits their needs. We take great pride in being a reliable and straightforward partner.

Our mission is to enable as many Finnish players and coaches as possible to get in contact with international football and top-notch conditions, whether it be in the form of playing, training or education.

We have created a service model unique in the Nordic countries; one in which we offer support and expert assistance for footballers throughout their career: from grassroot level to the professional stage.

The assistance we provide during the grassroot phase acts as important guidance and motivation for young players as they strive to develop as footballers.

We have crafted a comprehensive service to help players aiming for international level. In the development program each player receives individual focus as they play and train towards the goals they have set for themselves.

As a part of the program we offer the opportunity for high-aiming players to attend international training camps.

As a player develops and matures to a high enough level, it is time to make decisions about turning professional. At this stage of a player’s career path, our PRO service becomes topical. We offer help to players and coaches both in the shape of representation and in finding the best possible agents and clubs for them.