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International football camps

On the high-quality international football camps arranged by FFA, players along with their teams and coaches get to train in great conditions and meet up with academy staff from different countries. This provides an excellent opportunity for trading ideas about the game in a richly diversified environment.

Each training camp is unique in that it has been tailor-made according to personal wishes of the client. Thanks to our vast network of contacts, we are able to provide footballing camp sites around Spain and Italy. Tell us Your wish, and we will build a well-thought-out plan, specifically for the needs of Your team.


International invitational tournaments

We offer an excellent route for Finnish teams to participate in international invitational tournaments, which are attended by European academy teams of different quality. In these tournaments players get a feel for international games, which act as a great measuring stick in terms of personal development.

All too often signing up for international tournaments is a guessing game: will the games be too difficult or to easy for Your team; will the arrangements be functional when You get there; will the quality of conditions be as promised?

We co-operate closely with the leading organizers of junior football tournaments in Spain and Italy. Through years of work, we have established a relationship of trust between ourselves and local agents.

Our knowledge of the existing selection of international tournaments ensures that we can recommend the most suitable tournament for each specific team. Consequently Your team will reap the maximum benefits from the experience.

Individual coaching

We offer opportunities for ambitious Finnish players to train and develop their skills in an international environment, taking advantage of the international know-how available.

Individual coaching can be arranged either in Finland or, through our collaborative clubs, abroad.

In our individual coaching programs we focus on a player’s technical, tactical, physical and mental qualities. We also provide individual positional coaching.